- X-ray Inspection System
- Up to 70 degree oblique angle views
- Uninterrupted rotating live oblique views 360 degrees around any point in the sample
- Bond Testing Equipment
- Multi-Function Cartridges
- Paragon™ Software: Intelligent bond testing software
- Offers various optical solutions
- Environmental Test Chamber
- Energy savings of up to 37%
- Noise level reduced by up to 5dB
- Automatic refresh feature
- Multisensor & Optical Systems
- Provides high precision 3D measurements
- Automotive EMC Test Systems
- ESD Simulators
- Conducted RF Immunity
- Burst and Surge Generators
- Ionic Contamination Test Systems
- Metallographic Sampler Preparation and Digital Imaging Systems
- Grinders & Polishers, Abrasive Cutters, Mounting Presses, Precision Saws
- Viscometers, Paste Mixers, Wetting Testers, Paste Print Inspection, Reflow Simulators, Reflow Monitoring, Tackiness Tester, Solder Impurity Tester

- Centrifuges, Centrisafe Series
Programmable Logic Control System
- Touch Screen Panel with built-in Real-Time Trend Graph

- Shaker/Vibration System
- Air-Cooled/Water-Cooled
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